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Five on Food: Articles from the Wednesday Dining Pages

Posted in General Interest by melissamccart on September 6, 2006

1pandj-sandwich.jpgThe Talk of Today’s Menu May Be Tomorrow’s Trifle.  Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  Izakyas, among other things, are called “the Manolos of food.”

2)  A Classic Sandwich, All Grown Up.  Chicago Tribune.  Take yourself out of your comfort zone by setting the table for an artisanal jelly and gourmet peanut butter sandwich paired with wine.  If you’re really wanting some packed lunch inspiration, check out Meals to Go from the Queen of Packed Lunches from the San Francisco Chronicle.

3)  The Find:  Looking for Lunch?  Los Angeles Times.  Architect Frank Gehry builds a 400 square foot food stand called Delicious and recruits a caterer who can live up to the name.

4) India’s Ban Leads to Lentil Shortage Here.  Boston Globe. To ease inflation, India has placed a ban on lentils for export until March 2007.  Will they become the new craving in the meantime, since they’re harder to find?

5) Japonais Restaurant Review.  New York Times.  Outsized Chinese and Japanese restaurants are in and are dazzling some New Yorkers.  Will the trend last?


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