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Five on Food: Articles from the Wednesday Dining Pages

Posted in General Interest by melissamccart on October 12, 2006

1beijing-wangfujing-men-squatting-large.jpg) A tip for servers:  Where you stand may affect diners’ tips.  Chicago Tribune.  According to a researcher from Cornell, diners are more generous toward waiters who squat at the table.  I think that’s too familiar and a little creepy.  And what city restaurant has room for squatting?  Go figure.

2) The 15 Best PubsLos Angeles Times.  Though I don’t know L.A. that well, it doesn’t strike me as a pub kind of town.  I actually like them.  And, that there are so many that sound interesting and fun makes me want to visit.

3) Fasting and Feasting.  The Boston Globe. Wednesday is the last day to fast for Ramadan.  At the school where I work, teachers are asked to fast for the day and break it with students and their families at sundown.  Parents bring a huge spread to school for feasting, which includes primarily Middle Eastern and Turkish dishes, as opposed to the African meal in this article.  I’ll include some pictures of the spread next week.  It’s been incredible every year.

4) Michael Bauer’s Between Meals:  Do restaurants seat guests together according to gender or race?  San Francisco Chronicle.  One reader refers to the tables in the back or near the bathroom as “the girls’ ghetto.” Rather than assess or weigh in, Bauer deflects:

A decade or so ago, I used to continually hear complaints from waiters that tables of women didn’t tip well; although things have changed in that regard. (Now it seems to be German tourists).

I’d like to hear other’s responses to see if I’m simply being naive or whether there’s a greater design at work here I just don’t get. What do you think?

Whether it’s the difference between an opinionated New Yorker and a softie from San Francisco, I’m not sure.  But for a food critic to say I don’t know on an issue like this?  It’s like not having an opinion on what someone should do when her server is rude.  We need Nadya to address this properly on dcist.

5) Seduced by Snacks?  No, Not You.  New York Times.  The article discusses perceptions versus reality of our snacking habits, based on a Tuesday release of Brian Wansink’s book, Mindless Eating:  Why We Eat More Than We Think.


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