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You’ve Tried the Rest, Now Try the Best

Posted in District of Columbia, New York City by melissamccart on December 8, 2006


Time Out New York has the best food reading ever this week:  The Pizza Issue.  It’s so many pages that I spent a good half hour reading-slash-fantasizing about it.  As low brow as it is, pizza is my favorite food.

I’m inspired to do a pizza-posting weekend.  Which means commentary on the articles, pizza-making galore (to do list:round 3 of Franny’s clam pie recipe) and a run up to Comet for New Haven style pie on Sunday.

Tonight, the lowdown on TONY’s top ten in town. It’s a good cribsheet for the next visit, Washingtonians. Notice how few are from Manhattan. 

Time Out’s Ten Tastiest Pizzas:

10. Franny’s, Brooklyn. “It’s a feat of Gotham sized proportions that Franny’s, a two years young Brooklyn phenomenon, draws devoted pizza pilgrims from across the bridges and tunnels– and comparisons to DiFara and Tontonno’s.”

9. Lazzara’s Pizza Cafe, Manhattan.  “superthin crusts are rectangular and have crisp, raised edges, with ample char and some nuttiness.”

8. Joe and Pat’s, Staten Island.  “The thinnest and crunchiest pizza we tried, a slice at Joe & Pats doesn’t fold or sag.  It snaps.”

7. Nick’s, Queens.  The small plain cheese pie, a perfect circle, is slathered with a deliciously zesty tomato sauce and covered with fresh mozzarella and torn basil.”

6. Tontonno’s, Brooklyn.  . . . “consistently terrific char, a slightly fluffy, powdery bottom, and a bready airy rim.”

5. Joe’s, Manhattan.  “It’s a haven for thin crusted, crunchy slices, and it doesn’t load on too much cheese or serve reheated gunk. . . The oven produces savory flavors that only an oven that old can.”

4. Una Pizza Napoletana, Manhattan. “This purist uses only the best ingredients (dough made of stone ground wheat berries mixed with Sicilian sea salt, tomatoes from San Marzano, extra virgin olive oil from Southern Italy, and buffalo mozzarella from Naples) cooked in a wood burning oven.”

3. Sullivan Street Bakery, Manhattan.  “The pizza bianca looks like bread to the naked eye, but one bite reveals an amazing depth of flavor, redolent with salt, olive oil, and rosemary. “

2. Denino’s Pizzeria, Staten Island. “The crust here has the most unusual bottom we’ve ever seen– and we mean that in a good way. Bread crumbs are added to the crust, rather than cornmeal.  A slice is just thin enough to be crunchy and just strong enough not to flop if you lift it with one hand.”

1. DiFara Pizza, Brooklyn.  “One bite reveals a harmony of textures and flavors atop a complex and nutty, charred, crisp crust. “

From the reader’s poll, 10% like DiFara best, 20% Grimaldi’s, 26% John’s on Bleeker (ew), 20% Lombardi’s, 11% Patsy’s (to me, this is the closest thing to Paradiso), and 9% Tontonno’s.

Annndddd, the most important factor in great pizza?  49% agree it’s the crust; I’m in the crust camp, for the record. 

26% say its the sauce, 12% say its the person who makes it, 4% say it’s the oven, and 9% think it’s the cheese, which is the same percentage people who call themselves New Yorkers who are originally from Wisconsin.

DiFara’s Pizza, pictured above.


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  1. Roro said, on January 6, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    For the real experience!

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