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Five on Food: Articles from the Wednesday Dining Pages

Posted in General Interest by melissamccart on January 10, 2007

bananas2.jpg1) Wake Up and Cup the Coffee.  Washington Post.  Nick Cho of Murky Coffee leads a coffee tasting to educate food writers and readers how freshness and roasts affect coffee flavor.  And, check out the list of locally available coffees, ranked from best (Caribou) to worst (Starbucks).

2) The Banana’s Appeal Extends to the Fair Trade Movement.  Boston Globe.  Your buying fair trade bananas means families in Ecuador and other Latin American countries can get health insurance and higher wages.  Why an article on bananas?  Because they’re the most popular fruit worldwide.

3) The Breakfast Wars.  New York Times.  Starbucks breakfast is likened to McDonald’s in terms of scale and profits.  And, as mediocre as the breakfasts are, at least Starbucks execs admit this: “that until recently the food was always secondary to the coffee, and that there is work to be done. “What we’re rolling out now is just the beginning of the revolution,’ she said.”

4) Mr. Noodle.  New York Times. Who knew there was a Godfather of Ramen Noodles?  Americans found out– apparently too late, since this is a musing on Mr. Ando’s death this past week.  Best line? “Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Give him ramen noodles, and you don’t have to teach him anything. ”

5) The Ultimate Kitchen Tool– Unplugged.  Los Angeles Times.  Puree celery, make spatzle, or mash potatoes with one of the more retro items in your kitchen: the food mill.


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