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Savor/Saveur: Melting March Malaise, Part One

Posted in District of Columbia, General Interest by melissamccart on February 26, 2007

144100061.jpgMarch in Washington can be interminable.  The fun of romping in the cold and snow has lost its appeal and spring can’t come fast enough.  Though it’s seems like it would be a vacation month, like September, it’s filled with workhorse weeks: long stretches of days during which we finish projects, spring clean, tone up, and prep for the new season. 

Through Company’s Coming, Ed and Jinny Fleischman offer midweek respite from the grind with reasonably priced, hands-on classes that focus on the cuisine of foodie destinations: Hong Kong, Provence, and the Piedmont region of Italy, for starters.  Despite that classes are in the Fleischman’s home, they bring experience to the table that transcends what’s local, including:

. . . .classes with Julia Child, Madeleine Kamman, Jean-Louis Palladin, Mt. Vernon College, the Cordon Bleu and Ritz in Paris as well as a program for cooking teachers at Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco. . . . Other travels have expanded their repertoire of world cuisines and wines to Hong Kong, Mexico, Australia, Chile, and the Italian Piedmont, many parts of France, Morocco, Spain and Portugal. In 2006 they took an intensive Mexican cooking class in Puebla, Mexico.

This spring, look out for the Saveur classes, during which the Fleischmans teach a menu from the magazine and participants receive free subscriptions for the year. 

Cleveland Park die-hards may want to check out classes that feature locals from the neighborhood, such as “Turkey with Pam,”  and “Tony’s Take on the Northwest,” featuring Northwest wines showcased by Tony Quinn, of Cleveland Park Wines. 

Those who really want to travel may want to hold out for the late April trip to Provence, where travelers head to Ansouis for a week of eating, drinking, cooking, and exploring.

Company’s Coming.  Midweek classes $65, Saturday classes $70.   202-966-3361.


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