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Posted in New York City by melissamccart on February 27, 2007

For anyone following Chodorow’s absurd $40,000 rebuttal of a zero star Bruni review–  here’s a funny observation from today’s New Yorker, courtesy of Eater’s listage:

David Chang, the chef of Momofuku Ssäm Bar, happened to be under consideration on the day of the review-ad face-off. Over the phone, Chang said, “I felt like I was reading The Onion. If Chodorow was trying to be funny, it might have been one of the funniest letters ever written. But I’m sure he’s dead serious, which made it not so funny.” He went on, “There are so many ‘I’s in that letter—me, me, me.” Chang was thrilled that Ssäm Bar had garnered two stars, but admitted, “If Frank Bruni had poorly reviewed one of my restaurants, I might have pulled a Tonya Harding and broken his kneecaps. I’d have thought, Dude, I’ve gotta do something. But I’d never really do it.”

Speaking of cranky, the item Eater pulled from  “some restaurants just piss egulleteers off” thread continues to grow legs.


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