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Five on Food: Articles from the Wednesday Dining Pages

Posted in General Interest by melissamccart on February 28, 2007

steakhouse82.jpgFive on Food is six this week. . .  

1) Abalone’s Luster Grows.  San Francisco Chronicle.  Abalone is back and is showing up on dinner plates around town.  Check out the video on how to shuck them.

2) Layered Luxury in a Glass.  Los Angeles Times.  From Paris,  appetizer parfaits.

3) Burger Heaven.  Washington Post.  New York’s burgermania revs up in Washington.

4) It Came from Inside the Fridge.  Boston Globe.  The Globe’s interactive snoop into others fridge and join the chat confessional for some serious navel gazing that’s refocused on the fridge.

5) Tipsy Turvy: Some of our favorite drinks.  Atlanta Constitution.  Learn how to make yourself a fried chicken martini.

6) Kitchen Chemistry is Chic, but is it a Woman’s Place?  New York Times. It’s the gender issue of the Times’ food section.  In the world of molecular gastronomy, the gender gap is a gulf in the world of food.  Despite the gap, the first woman has finally earned a Michelin star.  For a more saucy piece, check out the carnal experience of Robert’s Steakhouse in the Penthouse Executive Club, which earned a better review than Kobe Club. (Be sure to check out the slideshow commentary):

The portions at Robert’s are pretty generous — as they need to be, given how topless some of the prices seem.

photo courtesy of Robert Presutti for the New York Times.


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