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Olive Garden

Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on March 13, 2007

img_1670_edited.jpgBy now, I realize that most things that I’ve missed from other places I’ve lived can be found in some rendition in and around Washington.  This past week, I’d been missing olives from a real Mediterranean grocery.  I’m done with paying $7 a pound for a selection of four or six.

Thanks to EatWashington’s extensive listings, I found the Mediterranean Bakery in Alexandria.  Pitted, oil cured, and brined, olives at the bakery come from Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Peru, and Italy.  They have nearly 30 varieties in stock, but ask– they’re behind the deli counter in the back. And, at less than $5 a pound,  they’re cheap enough that I’m tempted to load up on several pounds a visit.  And why not?

According to the owners, they’re among the freshest around, since they sell such a high volume. The hummus is pretty terrific too, as noted on the Food Network a number of years ago.

Mediterranean Bakery.  352 South Pickett Street. Alexandria, VA.


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