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And it’s BLT season, too.

Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on May 15, 2007

blt_1.jpgIn Off the Broiler, founder of EGullet Jason Perlow marks mid-May as the end of his BLT hiatus, which reminded me of my local favorite, the fried green tomato BLT at Cafe St. Ex.  Anything fried can be pretty damn good, but make it a slice of green tomato, some applewood-smoked, thick-cut bacon, and homemade mayo on toast and it’s dream worthy.

I wanted to make my own last week, so I asked Mark Toigo at Dupont Farmers Market if he carries any green tomatoes, but no luck.  No one wants green ones during tomato season, he said.  He’d actually lose money on it.  Which reminds me that as much as I think I’m in the south, that D.C. isn’t the real south at all, particularly if its tough to get fried green tomatoes at a farmers’ market and boiled peanuts are only available on Saturdays in one location on Saturdays, courtesy of an old friend, Andrew Wirth from Savannah, who makes them for farmer Dan Phil just for fun. 

Now that the season has arrived, I’d like to work through some of these renditions at home– don’t the trout BLT and country BLT sound great? — as well as find some new versions at restaurants that are worth the trip.  Any suggestions?


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