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Baseball and Bourbon

Posted in General Interest by melissamccart on July 31, 2007

mmark_6.jpgWashingtonians thirsty for nostalgia should RSVP for Pearson’s Frank Howard Day this Saturday from 12-3, where the man whose reputation with the old Washington Senators is as large as his stature.  At 6 feet 8 inches, Howard is one of the tallest men ever to play baseball. He was also the last to hit a home run at RFK Stadium as a Senator, where the 24 upper deck seats he dented were once painted white to memorialize the moment.  From the Post’s “No Place Like Home”:

The crowd of 14,460, angry and sad about the team’s imminent move to Texas, let out a thunderous roar, trying to will one last thrill from their beloved Bunyanesque slugger. Howard crushed a fastball into the left-field stands that night of Sept. 30, 1971.

The standing ovation went on for minutes. Rounding the bags, Howard tipped his hat and flung it into the stands. And in a page ripped from baseball legend, the giant of a man stood on the dugout’s top step, tears in his eyes, and blew a kiss to his cheering fans.

To celebrate Washington baseball, people from Maker’s Mark will be dipping bottles in Nationals red and blue seals at the store. And they’re on sale.

Pearson’s. 2346 Wisconsin Ave. NW. RSVP to


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