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“His tuna carpaccio is a poem.”

Posted in General Interest by melissamccart on September 17, 2007

Eater briefs readers on the reopening of New York’s Fiamma,”The biggest opening of the fall that we can’t muster the energy to care about.”  How’s it going?

eaterhq: And how about chef Fabio Trabocchi?
iheartchefs: dinner was lovely. not the A+ it was in DC, but that’s understandable. I ate in DC when he was solidly in the zone. He’s just getting into NYC.
got it
iheartchefs: but some of it is home run.
iheartchefs: he’ll end up one of NYC’s best.
eaterhq: outlandish prediction, check.
iheartchefs: : you want more?
eaterhq: : yes, please
iheartchefs: this may seem silly, but the plates and serving pieces are stunning. very italian, in terms of what the best chefs in italy are doing right now.
eaterhq: this was a friends and family?
iheartchefs: his tuna carpaccio is a poem. stupendous. bite-sized squares of ahi tuna topped with oysters.


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