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Five on Food: Articles from the Wednesday Dining Pages

Posted in General Interest by melissamccart on November 7, 2007

richard.jpg1) Rebel, Disgraced, Tries to Pull off Rebound. New York Times. Infamous Oregon/Washington restauranteur and clandestine dining pioneer left behind a ruined restaurant empire and a family. The Times notes his second coming, albeit underground.  His reemergence starts with this setting:

Inside, a video projection played an endless loop of two women kissing. Diners sat at a long table lighted by votive candles and covered with a tablecloth made of blouses from the Salvation Army. As they passed dishes from “The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook,” guests read aloud from Gertrude Stein’s “The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas.”

2) Michel Richard’s Return: The Straight Scoop.  Los Angeles Times.  Richard is cited as a pioneer of the current trend of chef-driven, multi restaurant empires. Of his Social Hollywood consulting gig:

In other words, it’s another of those modern chef gigs, not that different from those enjoyed by Tom Colicchio, Laurent Tourondel, Thomas Keller or Daniel Boulud, among many others, at their outposts away from their home cities.

Ironically, Richard was in the forefront of that movement more than 15 years ago when he opened satellite restaurants of Citrus in Santa Barbara, Baltimore, San Francisco and Philadelphia as well as the one in Washington, D.C. . . .

The food section also focuses on what any shellfish lover obsesses about this time of year: oysters.

3) Four Classic Nibbles Enter the 21st Century.  Chicago Tribune.  Retro dishes like sweet and sour meatballs and cheese balls –is there a theme here?– are updated by Chicago chefs.

4)  Trading Recipes at Trader Joe’s.  Atlanta Journal Constitution. Atlantans are downright euphoric about the arrival of Trader Joe’s and have come up with several recipes using their products.

5) Pockets of Pride. Washington Post.  Walter Nichols give pupusas– ubiquituous in the District– the attention they deserve.


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