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Five on Food: Articles from the Wednesday Dining Pages

Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on April 16, 2008

1) Expat Comfort Food:The Quirky Mix at LA’s Hong Kong-Style Coffee Shops. Los Angeles Times. “On the menu? Borscht, braised pork belly and Singapore vermicelli. Plus a triple-strength milk tea. Russian and Asian influences merge in these San Gabriel Valley restaurants.”

2) The Working Cook: Bringing Back the Skillet Supper. San Francisco Chronicle.  A one-pot meal, updated.

3) American Artisanal. Chicago Tribune.  Excerpted from Rebecca Gray’s book:

To know and learn about Chris Reed is to better enjoy a bottle of Reed’s Ginger Brew. And it is the very reason for a book like this. We are introduced here to keepers of quality, entrepreneurs or sustainers of a legacy, whose vision is very, very personal. They’re either of the terroir or enthused artisan, maybe both. Often passionate, usually obsessive, some admit to being a bit crazy, but all are brilliant food people able to perform magic. Knowing about the devotion and attention to food, the flavor sensations food artisans make possible—and their marvelous stories—can bring joy to any meal.

4) Local Color. Boston Globe. Delicious, sugary candied fruits.

5) It’s Waste Not, Want Not for Washington Chefs. Washington Post.  Kitchen strategies for tougher times.




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