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Favorite Food Books: Bonnie Benwick, Washington Post Food and Dining

Posted in District of Columbia, Recipes by melissamccart on December 12, 2008

Bonnie Benwick recommends these food books from the past year:

1. It’s just a thin paperback, but Lorna Sass’s “Whole Grains for Busy People” really hits all the right notes. It makes the grains user-friendly in a new way, with the author’s rating system and recommendations on brands she likes.

2. Anne Mendelson’s “Milk” because she’s such a lovely writer and it’s such a well balanced single-subject book. With good recipes!

It’s a tie for 3rd place between….

3. David Tanis’ “A Platter of Figs” because the Chez Panisse chef knows how to build a nice menu’s worth of seasonal food. There’s a range of simple to complex recipes within each menu, too, which shows he understands the nature of how much a home cook is willing or has time to do for any particular dinner.

3a. Eric Ripert’s and Christine Muhlke’s “On the Line: Inside the World of Le Bernardin” is a very thorough, well-researched bio of the restaurant and how Ripert operates, giving full credit to his forebears. It’s fascinating to know which brand of olive oil is used, etc. As for the recipes…. They look like they’d be lovely to do in a more robust economy.



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  1. foodietots said, on December 18, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    Agree with the assessment of Ripert’s new book. A few of us have been cooking his Dinner Social challenges, and I’ve been surprised at some of the more extravagant items on the menus, like truffle oil, lamb, etc. I know the menus are for celebrations, but they certainly don’t seem to take the economic climate into account. They sure are delicious, though!

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