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Cheesetique Protests Roquefort Tariff

Posted in Everywhere Else, General Interest by melissamccart on January 29, 2009

Just when you thought “freedom fries” and all things anti-French had flown the coop with Bush in the Executive One helicopter Inauguration Day, The Washington Post reports Bush’s  final anti-French sendoff:

The United States, it turns out, has declared war on Roquefort cheese.

In its final days, the Bush administration imposed a 300 percent duty on Roquefort, in effect closing off the U.S. market. Americans, it declared, will no longer get to taste the creamy concoction that, in its authentic, most glorious form, comes with an odor of wet sheep and veins of blue mold that go perfectly with rye bread and coarse red wine.

The measure was announced January 13th by US Trade Rep Susan Schwab. Other items affected by the tariff include French truffles, Irish oatmeal, Italian sparkling water and foie gras, referenced as “fatty livers of ducks and geese.”

According to Jill Erber, owner of Cheesetique in Del Ray, Roquefort is “a mainstay of our inventory.” The tariff will render it virtually unavailable. In a protest on the store’s website, she writes:

Not only do I have a particular affection for Roquefort, but so do Cheesetique’s discerning customers, who marvel at its romantic story of creation, rustic approach to production even today and exclusive availability. Your love of raw milk Roquefort has made it a staple in many of my cheese classes and one of the most popular and consistent sellers at Cheesetique. Since opening our doors more than four years ago, we have never been without Roquefort Papillon (I prefer this brand above others, though we have also carried Carles, which is outstanding). We have sold hundreds of pounds of Roquefort despite its title as the most expensive cheese consistently carried at Cheesetique. 

Erber says Cheesetique will continue to carry Roquefort until supplies run out, which she says “is only a matter of time.”

Check out Erber’s full response here.


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  2. Green/Blue « Counter Intelligence said, on March 16, 2009 at 10:29 am

    […] of cheese,  As Erber noted last month, days of Roquefort are waning. March 22nd marks the final day for Roquefort, according to New […]

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