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Posted in District of Columbia, General Interest by melissamccart on February 9, 2009

Friday night, Ardeo/Bardeo sommelier Brent Kroll introduced me to a new favorite wine: a white pinot noir. I had asked him for a big white, no oak.  He returned with a 2007 Robert Weil Spatburgunder from Rheingau, Germany. “Unfortunately,” he says, “supply is limited and we’re on our last few bottles.” Lucky for us, white pinot noir is becoming more prevalent , he says.

“Kroll is incredibly passionate about wine,” Bardeo/Ardeo owner Ashok Bajaj says of the 23 year old sommelier. Pulling up a forward from Kroll on his iphone, Bajaj says,  “He sometimes tests how much I know.”

Among his questions:

Chablis is made from what grape and is famous for what type of soil? (Chardonnay. The soil it’s most famous for is Kimmeridgian, which is a mixture of limestone and clay that gives Chablis its flint and lime aromas.)

Beaujolais Village or Cru are made from what grape? (Gamay)


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  1. CLF75 said, on February 10, 2009 at 11:45 am

    Ooh — I had a pinot noir flight at Cork (of course, where else?) a few months back that included a phenomenal white pinot noir.

    Plus (!) on Saturday I had what was described as a Sparkling Vouvray by Thierry Puzelat at BlackSalt’s oyster tasting. (Ellen Gray and I could not get enough of it. literally. it was very popular)
    (last paragraph – it was the naturel)

    Both of these varietals have given me renewed affection for white wine.

    ps Let’s grab some vino soon.

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