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Posted in General Interest by melissamccart on February 13, 2009

Three newish blogs I’ve been reading lately are home cooking focused from current and former writers.  I adore the site and the people who I met through writing. DCist was the first local site I wrote for after moving from New York several years ago.

 Check them out:

1) District Plates: A brand new blog from former Eating In writer, Scott Reitz. The site features menu suggestions, cooking techniques and in the kitchen narratives on local chefs.

2) Missy’s Recipes: Though the blog isn’t new, it’s new to me. Restaurants and Retail columnist for The Washington Business Journal, Missy Frederick reports on what’s cooking in her kitchen (and, after tasting her short ribs, I can attest she’s a terrific home cook. ) Frederick’s new column, “Top Shelf” debuts today. Though it’s subscription only, it’s the featured free on Monday.

3) Internet Food Association: Though this one has been around a couple months, the site, which includes regular dcist writers Amanda Mattos and Kriston Capps, has recently become one of my go-to’s for daily food musings and recipes.


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