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Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on March 16, 2009

Nettles wrapped around servings of St. Pat impart a smoky artichoke flavor to this three-week aged whole milk cheese. Available at Cowgirl Creamery this week, St. Pat marks the coming of spring. Yet not all greens mark the coming of spring. Take ash cheeses. “Historically, ash was used as a preservative and would be used year-round,” says Jill Erber of Del Ray’s Cheesetique. “Now, it’s used for purely aesthetic reasons (it is flavorless). You can get some Humboldt Fog or Monocacy Ash, both of which have layers of ash inside and out.”

Speaking of cheese,  as Erber noted last month, days of Roquefort are waning. March 22nd marks the final day for Roquefort, according to New York cheese authorities at Murray’s Cheese Shop.  The shop is having an au revoir party this coming Sunday. From the release: “Sunday, March 22nd the cost of cheese goes from $8 to $30. Meaning, most people will stop importing it because there’s no way to sell it and turn a profit. True here at Murray’s as well.” Get it while you can.


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