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Five on Food: Articles from the Wednesday Dining Pages

Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on March 25, 2009

1) Kill That Bottle, Deliciously. Washington Post. Creative ways to use up leftover wine.

2) Dueling Dinners. New York Times. Two New York Times writers create dinner for six for under $50.

3) A Pizza Parlor in Your Kitchen. LA Times. Hit up Home Depot for supplies to make your oven hot enough for dough.

4) Manning the Stoves. San Francisco Chronicle. Napa guys cook together, for ten years running.

5) Kneading Bread. Chicago Tribune. There’s much to be written on the renaissance of bread. But this? “Remember how I said that this method is easy on the hands? As you stand before the counter, place one foot forward and the other back. While you’re kneading, rock gently and rhythmically back and forth between your front and back feet. Rotate and fold while you’re rocking back. Rock forward to press. By doing this, the energy required for kneading is provided by the mass of your body rather than the muscles of your hands and arms.” It’s like telling someone heel-toe and shift your weight and swing your arms walking.


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