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Five on Food: Articles From the Wednesday Dining Pages

Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on April 22, 2009

1) Masala, Where You’d Least Expect It. Washington Post. Monica Bhide’s accessible Indian entertaining from her new cookbook. Congratulations, Monica!

2) Take One Recipe, Mince, Reduce, Serve. New York Times. More than 6,000 people follow Maureen Evans’ recipe tweets.

3) Tackling the Ethics of Eating. LA Times. “But these days, everything is coming up green and, forgive us, groovy.”

4) How to Dress A Cupcake. San Francisco Chronicle. Stuff like this makes me want to go on antidepressants, but some people like springtime pastel, tinsel, ruffles and polka dotted cupcakes. It’s a $20 kit so you can do it at home.

5) For These Chefs, It’s Camraderie, Not Competition. Boston Globe. Among Boston chefs, “You might think they’re fiercely competitive; in fact, they’re vying for a similar group of diners. But these guys (yes, it’s mostly men) actually bask in each other’s achievements. One success leads to more, they say.” Sounds familiar.


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  1. Monica said, on April 22, 2009 at 5:29 pm


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