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Five on Food: Articles From the Wednesday Dining Pages

Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on April 29, 2009

1) Stacked In Your Favor. Washington Post.  Joe Yonan’s cooking for one on sandwiches is downright inspiring (and makes me look forward to BLT season.) Also in today’s section, Jane Black’s piece on an impending tomato boycott.

2) For Precise Cooking, Get On the Kitchen Scale. LA Times.  Ruhlman writes a first person scale evangelism in the LA Times. Also see reviews of his new book in Washington Post, and New York Times, which, as Francis Lam observes on twitter, “it’s kind of hilarious that the Times review. .  .gives recipes in conventional measurements.”

3) Americans Love Their Coffee. And Brewers Want to Help Them Make It Right At Home. Chicago Tribune. Tips for the perfect cup.

4) Same Cow, No Matter How You Slice It. New York Times. “The three-quarter-inch-thick cut is an inexpensive, distant cousin of the New York strip. And it didn’t exist until the nation’s 800,000 cattle ranchers began a radical search for cuts of meat that consumers would buy besides steaks and ground beef.”

5) Relearning the Art of the Dinner Party. Boston Globe. I didn’t realize it had to be relearned.


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