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Coffee Class

Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on May 3, 2009

Counter Culture Coffee– served at Big Bear, Tryst, Open City and Baked and Wired among other places–has a bunch of events and classes in its Adams Morgan space in the next month. Check them out:

Friday Cuppings:  Free Friday events, during which participants learn coffee, grinds, regions and flavors. 10am.

countercultureThursday Night Throwdowns.  A once a month event for folks who’d put money on their latte skills: “5 bucks to enter, one latte to pour, winner takes the pot.” Check the website for May’s date. 7pm.

Extraction Lab: “. . . the essential elements of good brewing, brewing procedures, methods of evaluating brewed coffee, equipment usage, brewer and grinder adjustment, and more.”  June 2nd, time TBA.

Milk Chemistry Lab: “. . .explores milk chemistry and the steaming frothing, and pouring techniques required for the creation of latte art.” June 4th, 9-12.

Counter Culture’s DC office is at 1836 Columbia Road, Suite 202.


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