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Five on Food: Articles From the Wednesday Dining Pages

Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on May 6, 2009

1) Turkey Burgers Don’t Count. New York Times.”Vegetables are to be eaten by rabbits and liberals,” says one of the seven guys who rank New York burgers. Check out their results as they go here.  (Or you can scroll to the end, where the top ten are listed. Peter Luger’s, Donovan’s Pub in Queens and City Hall are the top three.)

2) Selecting the Best Chicken. LA Times. The paper tries out 14 for flavor.

3) Foods We Obsess Over. Chicago Tribune. Food you’d be shy to admit to love: in this case, tuna in a can.

4) My Mother, My Starter. Washington Post. Sourdough pancakes are not for every day.

5) Web Recipes are Cooking with Gas. Wall Street Journal. Inexpensive recipes from see the most traffic these days. Also in the journal: cookbook escapism, a shift to recipe-less cooking and recipe swap on the WSJ’s work and family blog, the juggle.


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