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Five on Food: Articles From the Wednesday Dining Pages

Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on May 13, 2009

1) Follow that Truck. It’s Tweeting. Washington Post. Erin Zimmer writes on the most amusing food cart to hit Washington. “Wearing fake mustaches and bright gloves to match their psychedelic turbans, the Fojol Brothers (only two of whom are actually brothers) are something of a Generation-Y band of Merry Pranksters, selling biodegradable trays of curry.”

2) The Squid and the Shortcut. New York Times. “When quickly sautéed, the squid retains its saline plumpness and stays juicy and tender. When cooked for a long time, the flesh relaxes and softens, absorbing all the flavors of the sauce. And anything in between gives you fish-flavored rubber bands too tough to eat.”

3) Green Tea is a Way of Life in South Korea. LA Times. “All kinds of tea — green, black, white, oolong — come from the same plant. The type of tea the leaves become is determined by fermentation and oxidation processes. Green tea comes from leaves that are wilted but left unoxidized (so the leaves retain their green color), unlike black tea leaves that are oxidized at the same time they are dried.”

4) Little Luxuries. San Francisco Chronicles. Macaroons are everywhere in SF. (Locally, I get them at Locolat.)

5) Cheerios. . . .The Wonder Drug? Chicago Tribune. “Because Cheerios is a food, not a drug, specific claims that the 68-year-old whole-grain oat cereal lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer violate federal law, the FDA said . . . .”


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