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Who Influences DC’s Next Food Network Star?

Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on June 12, 2009

Last week, I spoke with Granville Moore’s Teddy Folkman, contestant on The Next Food Network Star, for a DC Modern Luxury piece about local chefs on national TV. While I was doing my research, I was intrigued by his mention of Ann Cashion of Johnny’s Half Shell, since I’m in awe of her and respect her so much.  Here’s what he had to say about her:

There’s no one who has inspired me more than Ann Cashion. I met her eight years ago. I had left my desk job and the internet world and was working on the line at The Reef with Sam Adkins who is now at Jackie’s. At the time, I was considering going to culinary school. Sam introduced me to Cashion, who convinced me not to go that route. So while I was working at The Reef, I spent my two days off working twelve to fourteen hour days at Cashion’s, learning everything I possibly could from her.

The most valuable thing she taught me is to treat every step of the way with the utmost importance. She’s so instrumental in my life, it’s weird for me to call her by her first name. I’ve never called her Ann. I only call her Chef.

For those who can’t get enough Folkman, check him out this weekend Capitol Lounge, where he recently took the helm. Or watch his progress from the comfort of the couch on The Next Food Network Star this Sunday  at 9 pm.


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