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Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on June 19, 2009

joshfriedlandIf I had to rank them, I like gelato, sorbet, then ice cream in that order. Ice cream is kind of eggy for me. I don’t think it’s that refreshing when it’s really hot– like eating braised meats when it’s 90 degrees. Eggy ice cream coats your mouth like a summer blanket. Gelato and sorbet, with fewer eggs and no egg, respectively — totally different.

That said, I’m thinking more about ice cream because of the daily tweets from Dairy Godmother. I have a weakness for her Bordeaux cherry or the chocolate orange shortbread. A couple days ago, I was even fantasizing about her Twitter special for watermelon shakes, made with vanilla custard and pureed fresh watermelon (to which I really wanted to add salt). This is especially absurd, since she makes custard, the eggiest frozen treat of all time.

Sometimes I give in, or try to break my anti-egg stance and cross the river. By the time I get there and stand in a line of 50 people, guilt or annoyance sets in. Why the hell did I drive 7 miles for ice cream to stand in a line of screaming kids? I don’t even like ice cream that much. Half the time I leave with balsamic strawberry sorbet.

I’m starting to make the trek more often than I’d like to admit. Before I give in to ice cream and start a full on love affair with the Dairy G., complete with multiple weekday visits, I’m going to try and fend it off by distraction:

–Gelato sampling at the Saturday 14th and U Street farmers market at the Dolcezza stand.

–A chocolate noir gelato at Pitango, which I haven’t tried yet.

Free Gifford’s sundae this Sunday at all locations starting at noon. When I moved to DC a couple years ago, this was the name floated most often as best ice cream in the District.

–Homemade gelato or ice cream, served with Michael Ruhlman’s chocolate chip cookie bowl or Suzanne Goin’s creamsicle float.

Any other suggestions or advice?

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  1. Adam said, on June 19, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    I love it. I’m making a Kulfi tonight.

  2. dolcezza said, on June 22, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    hello melissa – next time you stop by 14U farmers’ market or the shop in georgetown, please introduce yourself, i would really like to meet you. take care & hope to see u around. robb

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