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Five on Food: Articles From the Wednesday Dining Pages

Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on August 5, 2009

1) To Go Upscale, Put a Cork in It. Washington Post. “Frankly, beer goes better with food than wine.”

2) The Cake Guy Shares His Secrets of Success. LA Times. “Like most people, I’d always thought making a cake from scratch was only for the heroic. In fact, Nancie McDermott’s book showed me that all you have to do is beat butter and sugar to a cream, beat in some eggs and add flour and milk in alternating batches, and there’s your batter. ¶ Wow, really have to lie down and recover after all that. ¶ I’m a different person now. People see me and say, “Hey, Cake Guy!” Because I’m usually carrying a cake around with a goofy grin on my face.”

3) Relaxing the R Rule. San Francisco Chronicle. Why we can eat oysters year round.

4) Getting Away, But Not From Cooking. New York Times. Writer of Unaccustomed Earth, The Namesake and Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri muses on her vacation kitchens and the pleasure of a skillet crisp.

5) Lament for the Old Fashioned Restaurant Critic. New York Observer. Bruni replacement to be announced by the week’s end.


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