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Blue Duck Tavern on Obama Night

Posted in District of Columbia by melissamccart on October 5, 2009

Diners at Blue Duck Tavern didn’t seem to mind getting frisked at the entrance Saturday night, what with the Obamas in house for their 17th anniversary. The Tony Chi-designed restaurant in The Park Hyatt is farm to table family style, with square-cut, duck fat fries and seasoned marrow from bones as long as femurs among the crowd pleasers.

“Ah, we do it all the time,” quipped Blue Duck Tavern chef Bryan McBride about cooking for the President. The Obamas ordered oysters and crab cakes. Beyond that, it sounded like they didn’t order off the menu. “We sent lots of things out.”  Still, for this guest, dining with Obama in the house was beyond an already special Saturday night celebration.

Blue Duck Tavern is in my regular rotation. Last fall, I went with my friend Beth a couple times since were obsessed with the pumpkin custard, which isn’t yet on the menu this season. Here’s the recipe which is easy enough, albeit one that’s much easier if you happen to own a brulee torch:

6oz. Pumpkin puree-2 tbs amaretto liquor-3 whole eggs-2 egg yolks-2 cups heavy cream-pinch salt & pepper

Instructions: Mix eggs & yolks, add cream, puree and amaretto. Blend and pass through a strainer. Ladle 5 oz into a serving vessel making sure there are no bubbles, using a torch if needed to pop them. Cover with plastic and cook @ 198 F for 45 minutes until a 2/3 jiggle is achieved. Take off plastic and allow to cool.  Add sugar, torch until a crème brulee effect is achieved, top with praline, dried fruits, crispy sage, anything you have that is fall.

For more recipes, check out Blue Duck’s blog here.


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