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Summer’s Spread

Posted in Uncategorized by melissamccart on June 16, 2007

peach_edited-1.jpgA bite of a Cheap Trick  from M’Dawg–a lick of Dolcezza pistachio gelato on a cone–a suck from an apple tobacco hookah at Chi Cha Lounge–A sip of Brooklyn Brewery’s Local 1 at Rustico –a swallow of an oyster on the half shell from Hank’s –a nibble of chocolate covered fig from Biagio–a craving for something carnal, be it bovinity or porcine pleasures– an overwhelming urge to eat a peach at a FreshFarm market. . . .

Sultry weather makes us lust for the seductive flavors of summer, whether its a full-on feast or a sampling of berries sweet as candy. Speaking of, be sure to check out Kelly DiNardo’s new blog, The Candy Pitch, a tribute to the world of burlesque.


Five on Food: Articles from the Wednesday Dining Pages

Posted in General Interest, Uncategorized by melissamccart on August 18, 2006

heirlooms.jpg1) Voting With Their Forks:  If 1967 Was the Summer of Love, then this is the Summer of Food.  Los Angeles Times.  Regina Schrambling addresses why foodie books such as Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma have inspired the rise of the locavore and Americans’ embrace of farmers’ markets.

2) Lunch, a la Cart.   Joe Yonan of the Boston Globe samples food cart cuisine for a solid week.  From burritos, to pho, to Big Moe’s ribs, food from carts in Boston offer something for everyone.  If you’re missing Boston, this piece is great for its depiction of the city’s streetlife.

3) Tomatoes Give Chefs a Rainbow.  Chicago Tribune. One of the few major metropolitan papers that actually talk technical about heirlooms this season.  At Prairie Grass Cafe in Northbrook, chef Sarah Stegner is making the most of heirloom tomatoes–including green zebras, brandywines and Cherokee purples–that she buys from Shooting Star Farm in Wisconsin and Kinnikinnick Farm in northern Illinois.”
                                                                                                                                                     4) Kitchen Savvy for the Beach Cook.  The Washington Post.  For those of you who are still looking forward to your end of summer vacation, this piece offers helpful suggestions that make cooking away from home easier.

5) A Food Website, Spiced with Attitude.  New York Times.  CNet, the company that bought Chowhound, will soon launch, a hip, young alternative to epicurious and other traditional media websites.